Social Accountability

Social Accountability

Social activities of the GC “Victoria Estate” are intended to improve the quality of life of the population living on the area of its presence. The work is carried out systematically and covers many areas of life that allows us to improve the social and economic activities of municipalities. Enterprises, included in the GC “Victoria Estate”, implement programmes to support professional and children's sports, repair of nursery and comprehensive school buildings, installation of sports grounds and children's playgrounds in neighbourhoods. They participate in charitable programs aimed at helping children, veterans and participants of the Great Patriotic War, they support educational and creative young people’s projects.


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In 2009 the company established the Charity Fund to help sick children "Happy Kids". Its activity aims to help children in need of the treatment of serious diseases.

Every year the work connects more benefactors: residents, volunteers and company’s partners, the administrations of the municipalities.

By the decision of the leadership of the GC “Victoria Estate”, in addition to the regular contributions, the every first lease payment from real estate transfers to an account of the Fund “Happy Kids”.

The main objectives of the Fund are:

  • to collect funds for charitable activities and direct donations
  • to promote activities in the field of health protection of citizens through the development and implementation of health programmes
  • social support, rehabilitation and protection of children
  • grant aid to sick children and parents of sick children with health care, medicines and nutrition.

The site of the Charity Fund to help sick children ”Happy Kids”: .


HockeyClub «Crystall»

hokk 1 The Group of companies “Victoria Estate” is a supporter of a healthy and active lifestyle!

Over the years the Group has been actively involved in the development of sports in Elektrostal city of the Moscow region and is the general sponsor of the ice hockey club “Kristall”.

The ice hockey club has existed in Elektrostal since 1949 and had a glorious tradition. Here started their sport way such famous players as three-time European champion Evgeny Erkin (goalkeeper), forwards - European champions Viktor Prjazhnikov and Vladimir Grebennikov, an outstanding coach Nikolai Epstein.

Outstanding players of the HC «Kristall» became honored master of sports, many-time champion of the USSR, Olympic gold champion (1968), World and European champion (1965, 1966 and 1968) Anatoly Ionov and World and European champion (1963), honored master of sports Yury Paramoshkin.

Along with the veterans of the sport we are restoring a legend!


pomehi 1The Group of companies “Victoria Estate” has been an active ally and friend of creative young people. The organization strives to encourage and support young talents. One of the most successful projects in this sphere is the comic team “Noise” of Elektrostal city.






yula 1 The Group of companies “Victoria Estate” supports Elektrostal Dance Centre “Yula”, with more than 150 students. The Dance Centre is the organizer and participant of many cultural programmes. Development of creativity, love and sympathy in the smallest citizens is the key to a healthy society in the future!