“Victoria Estate” has summed up the results of participation in the main agroindustrial Forum in Russia «Golden Autumn-2016»

DSC 0374The Group of companies “Victoria Estate” participated in the country's largest agricultural exhibition “Golden Autumn”. It took place from 5th to 8th of October, 2016 at ENEA, where their achievements demonstrated more than two and a half thousand participants from Russia, CIS and foreign countries. The Moscow region on “Golden Autumn-2016” presented the Group of companies “Victoria Estate” with the industrial park project VICTORIA INDUSTRIAL PARK. Visitors of the Exhibition have been presented large-scale investment projects: greenhouse complex, mushroom farming and wholesale distribution centres. Note that many of them are supported by the Moscow Region Government, federal ministries and departments. Their implementation will help to ensure that the inhabitants of the region are provided with high-quality and useful horticultural products as well as to increase tax revenue in the budgets of different levels and to provide new jobs. 

“At the Exhibition we presented our agroindustrial projects”, the head of the GC “Victoria Estate” Evgeny Rostov said. “The projects are major and tasks ahead of us are serious. It is not just about the construction of the industrial park, but about the further development of the agroindustrial complex in the Moscow region, and our entire country. This aspect is the most important part of the food safety of Russia. So we understand the great importance of our projects. Certainly, their realization will require a lot of time and effort, but the result we want to achieve is worth it”!

The exposition presented by the GC “Victoria Estate”, attracted attention of many Russian and foreign investors, who are closely monitoring the domestic agricultural sector. So, one of the famous Turkish investment companies showed a keen interest in the project of VICTORIA INDUSTRIAL PARK. Evgeny Rostov, the Group of companies’ leader, held a meeting with foreign colleagues about a possible joint work on the construction of agroindustrial objects, and in the nearest future the parties will exchange business visits for consultations.

One of the most colourful and interesting exhibits, without exaggeration, the layout of the park VICTORIA INDUSTRIAL PARK became, submitted by the Group of companies “Victoria Estate”. Its dimensions are impressive – on the square of 3m on 3m it was able to accommodate the first stage of 437ha of parkland, where in miniature future and existing objects were built: the energy company, hypermarkets, greenhouses, distribution centres, roads and even heavy trucks. Anyone could govern the complex using an interactive display. You only touch a selected screen button as one object or another was lit up softly and cars started moving, and a huge territory though came to life before your very eyes.

It's nice that the collective efforts of the Group of companies “Victoria Estate” were marked by high estimates of visitors and awards of the organising committee, diploma for the best presentation layout.

At the stand of the Group of companies “Victoria Estate” had meetings and discussions with representatives of Russian and foreign businesses of agricultural industry, banking sector, Federal and Regional Governments, famous politicians and public figures. The importance of the company projects noted the deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Iosif Kobzon and Vladimir Zhirinovsky. “In the present situation it is essential that our domestic organic vegetables have replaced the whole import”, Vladimir Volfovich supported the idea of building greenhouses.

By the way, the exhibition “Golden Autumn-2016” took place on the eve of the Day of the agricultural worker. And it is symbolic that on the eve of this holiday the Group of companies “Victoria Estate” presented its investment projects on such a high level.