Business freedom is the best response to sanctions

delrosThe head of the Group of companies “Victoria Estate”, the member of the General Council of the All-Russian public organization “Business Russia” Evgeny Rostov participated in the Jubilee Congress of business association, which is executed 15 years these days. The event took place in Congress Park Radisson Royal Hotel in 18th of October, 2016.

“Business Russia” brings together entrepreneurs, who work mainly in the non-primary sectors: engineering and light industry, agriculture and information technology. Projects are focused on the Russian market, providing high quality and accessible goods and services. At the initiative of the Organization many measures to create a comfortable business sphere have been taken in Russia, the idea of a national entrepreneurial initiative has been led as a systematic work on improving the business environment, which the Government of the Russian Federation carries out together with the representatives of the business community and experts.

Evgeny Rostov in the framework of the “Business Contacts Territory” of the Congress proceeded to meet with colleagues, members of “Business Russia”, representatives of the Association of industrial parks, Federal Corporation for the development of small and medium size businesses, participants of the banking sector and the business community.

The plenary meeting of the Anniversary Congress “Business Russia” was visited by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. In his speech he praised the role of the social organization and made several important statements addressed to domestic business. “It is important that we have a common understanding of national priorities and a common approach. It is to give business maximum freedom. And I would like to repeat once again – this is the best response to any external constraints, the only path to the well-being of our citizens”, Vladimir Putin said.

According to the President, domestic business has proved its responsibility and patriotism. “For many of you not only personal achievements are important, but also the opportunity to work for Russia”, he said. “No coincidence that successful prosperous entrepreneurs became the driving force behind key changes”.

“The Russian President considers freedom of business the best answer to Western sanctions introduced against Russia”, the head of the Group of companies “Victoria Estate” Evgeny Rostov believes. “Nice that Vladimir Putin hears our Organization and pays great attention to the development of domestic business”. During the plenary meetings of the Congress, he instructed the Russian Government to soften the terms of lending business while mortgaging the property, now foreclosure dates will be increased to 270 days. The President promised to increase the share of SMEs in public procurement to 15%, extending the quota from the current 10% and also made other, not less important statements.

“It was important for me to hear the opinion of the President about the problems of farmers. Today, unfortunately, there are still shortcomings in the system of taxation of farmers while supplying products in retail chains. Vladimir Putin also instructed the Russian Government to work out a system of benefits and other additional instruments of State support for agricultural producers, as well as the possible participation of the subdivisions of the Russian Federation in establishing local benefits to taxes”.