NEWS Vegetables from region for capital city

Тепличный комплекс в Электростали

June 6, 2018, the Governor of Moscow region Andrey Vorobiev met with employees of a new greenhouse complex “Agrocomplex Ivanisovo”.

The building began last year and there was already the first harvest of cucumbers on January of this year. Agrocomplex can supply more than 20 000 tons of fresh vegetables all the year for Moscow and central region due to continuous production.

The first line of greenhouse complex “Ivanisovo” is ready at the moment.

The square is 20,4 ha and there are cucumbers in one building and tomatoes in two other.

“Victoria Estate”, who founds the project, are going to erect one of the biggest agroparks in Russia with territory more than 1 000 hectares.

Low-volume hydroponics with artificial illumination system using for vegetable cultivation, the newest Dutch technologies. Plants will be pollinated by bumblebees and protected from pests and diseases via biological methods by using special insects-entomophages. According to manufacturer these all provide the best taste and form of the product.