Mushroom complex

The investment project “Building of the mushroom complex” is supported by the Government of the Moscow region, federal ministries and departments. A complete package of permits for the construction of the object is prepared.

Investment project “Building of the mushroom complex”

Location: Elektrostal, Moscow region, 40 km from Ring Road, highway A-107. Industrial park ground VICTORIA INDUSTRIAL PARK.

Power: own energy company Gas turbine heat and power plant.

Building area: 4,5 ha.

Transport links:

  • Large Concrete Ring (A-108): 32km
  • Central Ring Road (projected): 3 km
  • Small Ring of Moscow (A-107): 0 km
  • Ring Road: 40 km
  • Schelkovskoe Highway: 34,2 km
  • Gorky Highway M-7 (E22): 10 km
  • Nosovikhinskoe Highway: 2,6 km

Moscow railway stations:

  • Lesnaya st.: on the territory
  • Esino st.: 1 km
  • Fryazevo st.: 1,5 km

Technical specifications are obtained for the design and the construction of a railway of uncommon use next to the Fryazevo station of the Moscow railway.

Project description the concept of development of VICTORIA INDUSTRIAL PARK provides the construction of the complex of mushroom cultivation. It is a modern full cycle enterprise. The mushroom complex will be located on the territory of 10 ha and will produce more than 15 000 tons of mushrooms per year. The cultivation technology will ensure the continuous production process and own energy company will eliminate dependence on external factors. With the commissioning of wholesale and distribution centres on the territory of the industrial park VICTORIA INDUSTRIAL PARK mushroom products to be shipped to stores, while retaining their useful and taste characteristics.

Technical and economic indicators

 Total area 4,5 ha
 Number of chambers 24
 Start of production II quarter of 2018
 Production volumes 15 000 tons/year
 Products field mushrooms
 Technology Advanced Dutch technology
 The number of jobs 580
 Payback period 4,2 years

Contacts for business cooperation:
+7 (495) 221-52-51
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