Investment project “Building of multi-temperature wholesale distribution and logistics centre”

VICTORIAINDUSTRIAL PARK is a project of the Group of companies “Victoria Estate”, which is being successfully implemented on the territory of the Moscow region. The project was created, taking into account a global experience of development of branch territories, advanced technologies and modern solutions.

Investment project “Building of multi-temperature wholesale distribution and logistics centre”

Location: Elektrostal, Moscow region, 40 km from Ring Road, highway A-107. Industrial park ground VICTORIA INDUSTRIAL PARK.

Power: own energy company Gas turbine heat and power plant.

Building area: 57,22 ha.

Transport links:

  • Large Concrete Ring (A-108): 32 km
  • Central Ring Road (projected): 3 km
  • Small Ring of Moscow (A-107): 0 km
  • Ring Road: 40 km
  • Schelkovskoe Highway: 34,2 km
  • Gorky Highway M-7 (E22): 10 km
  • Nosovikhinskoe Highway: 2,6 km

Moscow railway stations:

  • Lesnaya st.: on the territory
  • Esino st.: 1 km
  • Fryazevo st.: 1,5 km

Technical specifications are obtained for the design and the construction of a railway of uncommon use next to the Fryazevo station of the Moscow railway.

Project description: the concept of development of VICTORIA INDUSTRIAL PARK to ensure its residents with high-quality storage services provides the construction of three modern multi-temperature wholesale and distribution logistics centres under the name Victoria Logistic Terminal. The complex shall conform to the requirements of the category “A” warehouses with the ability to maintain the temperature in several modes for storage of various food and non-food items, as well as to provide a full range of services (thermal storage, processing, labeling, packaging, cross-docking, equipment, inventory, lease of office and living premises, lease of jobs, parking spaces rent, paperwork, etc.).

Technical and economic indicators

Victoria Logistic Terminal 1
 Total area 26,8 ha
 Total area of the complex 50 000 м2
 The number of jobs 1 120
 Payback period 5 year


Victoria Logistic Terminal 2
 Total area 15 ha
 Total area of the complex 40 000 м2
 The number of jobs 538
 Payback period 4 year


Victoria Logistic Terminal 3
 Total area 15,4 ha
 Total area of the complex 40 000 м2
 The number of jobs 546
 Payback period 4 year

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