VICTORIAINDUSTRIAL PARK is a project of the Group of companies “Victoria Estate”, which is being successfully implemented on the territory of the Moscow region. The project was created, taking into account a global experience of development of branch territories, advanced technologies and modern solutions.


The Group of companies “Victoria Estate” realizes investment projects on the territory of a multifunctional industrial park VICTORIA INDUSTRIAL PARK.

  • Total area: 1400 ha.
  • Location: Elektrostal, Moscow region, 40 km from Ring Road, highway A-107.
  • Power: own energy company GT HPP

The appointment of land (function):

  • agricultural
  • industrial and logistics
  • retail
  • recreation

The first phase of construction:

  • multi-format hypermarkets
  • greenhouse complexes for the cultivation of vegetables
  • mushroom complex
  • distribution and logistics centres
  • wholesale and distribution centres
  • Total building area of the first stage: 450 ha.

There are the following projects for investments:

  • Greenhouse complex is a project for the production of fruits and vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and strawberries). Built-up area: 120 ha. The area of the greenhouses: 70,5 ha. Production volume: 70000 tons per year. The number of jobs: 2500. Commissioning of the first phase of the construction is III quarter of 2017.
  • Mushroom complex is a modern full cycle enterprise project for growing field mushrooms. Built-up area: 15 ha.The volume of production: more than 5000 tons per year. Advanced Dutch technology. The number of jobs: 580. The planned start of production: IV quarter of 2017.
  • Wholesale and distribution centres/multi-temperature logistics centres is the project of modern systems to provide high-quality stockholding services. Total area: 57,2 ha. Total area of the complex: 12,6 ha. The number of jobs: 2200.


  • Hypermarket Globus
    Area - 27000 m2
    1000 jobs
  • Hypermarket Castorama
    Area - 16000 m2
    300 jobs
  • Shopping mall “Shopping Gallery”
    Area - 30000 m2
    200 jobs

Residents are invited to:

  • Holistic flexible approach, joint participation in investment projects
  • Selection of a suitable site, technical and legal audit
  • The provision of technical specifications in the minimum terms
  • Assistance in obtaining permits

Residents are guaranteed:

  • Providing all the communications
  • Preferential power connection to Gas turbine heat and power plant
  • Interaction with regional and local authorities
  • Individual support at all the stages of project realization

Project site: