The pond “Yubileyniy” is the largest pond of Electrostal, the Moscow region. It is located in the eastern part of the city in a beautiful picturesque spot, surrounded by woodland belt. The water surface area is 3ha, the area of the coastal territory, including beach areas: 3,5ha, 2 beaches.

The pond “Yubileyniy”

The pond “Yubileyniy” is the largest artificial pond and recreation area of the city of Elektrostal, the Moscow region.

In 2010 the GC “Victoria Estate” within the framework of a formal agreement began to establish a multi-function recreation area for the Elektrostal residents in the region of the pond “Yubileyniy”.

In 2012 the treaty was concluded with the research-and-production company “VSEGINGEO” to assess the condition of the pond “Yubileyniy” and recommendations were received on activities aimed at improving its sanitary state. During the summer season of 2012 produced a specialized cleaning of the pond, which significantly increased its ecological status. Monthly, in the summer, water from the pond goes through a set of laboratory analyses, the results of which meet all the regulatory indicators of epidemiology.

From 2010 and up to present the following works regularly host on the pond:

• the pond passes commission checks for the summer season, for which a complex of laboratory analyses of soil and water is presented, the necessary equipment is purchased, diving cleaning is done for cleaning up the coastal beach zone;

• housekeeping and waste removal from the territory of the pond “Yubileyniy”;

• a private security company provides property protection and the rule of law in the territory of the pond;

• in the summer work rescue and medical services;

• the territory is equipped with indicating and prohibiting signs;

• partially restored lighting of a parkland;

• purged of sand for beach territory;

• restored a volleyball court and small architectural forms on the beach;

• produced crop and remove emergency trees located in the recreation area, including sanitary clearing of overgrown trees and bushes of self-sown origin;

• in the summer work a children's entertainment complex, inflatable attractions, rental agency (boats, catamarans);

• on the pond’s territory sports competitions of the PC “MSZ” are systematically held, as well as sports competitions of the Sports Club “Solonoga”, city events and holidays.