Construction of industrial enterprises, shopping malls and business centres, residential complexes, as well as the reconstruction of buildings and structures is one of the basic directions of activity of the GC “Victoria Estate”.


Construction, supervision, technical order

Construction, supervision, technical order

Construction of industrial enterprises, shopping malls and business centres, residential complexes, as well as the reconstruction of buildings and structures is one of the main activities of the Group of companies “Victoria Estate”. From 2007 the company successfully realized several construction projects:

From 2013 the company cooperates with domestic and foreign investors, works on the implementation of such a large-scale project as a multifunctional industrial complex VICTORIA INDUSTRIAL PARK covering an area of more than 1400 ha. This project shows us how the GC “Victoria Estate” is building new facilities, and how the existing production facilities and engineering systems are transforming after the reconstruction.

Construction of shopping malls, residential and industrial complexes is carried out by the company with the use of advanced technologies, modern materials and the latest developments in the field of engineering systems. Attention to every detail is the main principle of the GC “Victoria Estate”.

Why choose the GC “Victoria Estate”?

Selecting the Group of companies as a management company under construction industrial, logistic or trade and entertainment facility, the customer will receive the following benefits:

  • holistic flexible approach, the possibility of joint participation in projects;
  • assistance in selecting a suitable site, technical and legal audit;
  • providing engineering specifications in the shortest possible time;
  • assistance in obtaining permits.

The company guarantees its partners:

  • providing all communications;
  • cooperation with regional and local authorities;
  • individual support at all stages of project development.

The GC “Victoria Estate” is a member of the Association of industrial parks in Russia and a partner of the Development Corporation of the Moscow region. This allows the company to communicate effectively with the public authorities and to carry out construction of industrial enterprises and other objects quickly and without unforeseen standstill. The GC “Victoria Estate” is an experienced management company that always considers the case seriously and responsibly.

Brownfield development

Supervision of construction

The Group of companies “Victoria Estate” provides services to developers, working as a technical customer. The specialists of the company will competently carry out legal operations on behalf of the developer, necessary for the beginning and the successful completion of the construction:

  • obtaining of permission to develop urban planning documentation;
  • the collection of baseline data and support the development of urban planning documentation;
  • public hearings and approval documentation for the planning of the territory;
  • registration of land relations;
  • the collection of baseline data and support of designing the facility, project approval;
  • obtaining permission for construction;
  • supervision of construction, registration of executive documentation;
  • obtaining permission for commissioning;
  • registration of ownership of the complete object.

Development in the suburbs

The GC “Victoria Estate” builds and accompanies commercial and residential objects:

  1. Production sites;
  2. Transportation facilities;
  3. Trade and entertainment centres;
  4. Office buildings;
  5. Residential complexes.

In the face of the company a potential customer will find a reliable partner who will help you to decide all the questions arising in the course of development of the territories in the shortest possible time and with minimum expenses.