“Victory” staff professionally ensures the safety of objects of commercial and residential real estate.

Private security company «VICTORY»

The private security company “Victory” ensures the safety of commercial and residential real estate objects for several years. In the arsenal of «Victory» there is a full range of technical engineering services, from video surveillance to the fire alarm system.

The complex of services of the private security company includes securing commodity-material assets, the prevention of unlawful action against customers or property, interaction with law enforcement and other government authorities on legal issues. Our staff will help to identify the most vulnerable places of the future object of protection and prepare a list of necessary measures to rectify identified shortcomings and the maintenance of order on your object.

The private security company «Victory» helps to develop or adjust the programme ensuring the safety of the enterprise, which will include forecasting, evaluation, identification and prevention of all the types of threats, both external and internal.

Systematic approach in the work of “Victory” helps to take into account all the factors that affect the security of the protected object.

Competence of “Victory” staff allows to deal operatively and professionally with security matters.